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WeHo's Mid-City Becoming Last Tiny Piece Of City To Gentrify

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On Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, there's Boystown to the west, with lots of glossy gay bars, clubs, and restaurants, and the more Russian and working-class section to the east (which has several new developments in the works). But there's also that space in between: Mid-City WeHo, once "a hodgepodge of businesses that included a psychic, tattoo shops, a medical supply store, a gay clothing store and Lomography Gallery, a now-closed camera store," is in the middle of a resurgence, buoyed by several new restaurants that are attracting a diverse--straight and gay--mix of young professionals. The area between La Cienega and Fairfax now hosts several places to meet for a swank date or drinks, but it's also still home to a theater where one can enjoy a pornographic film in a public setting. There are also new stores moving in to balance out all the new restaurants, including the long-gestating Walgreens, which will sit below apartments at the former Tasty Donuts stripmall. Parking problems persist in Mid-City, of course, but the free nighttime shuttle is helping, as will the new robot garage going up soon behind City Hall; it will be used by WeHo employees during the day and party people at night.
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