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Six New Little Houses in Glassell Park Already Half Sold Out

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Prolific small lots developer Heyday is doing it again, this time in Glassell Park--they've been putting up clusters of little houses all over the eastishside and environs for a few years now (under the city's small lot subdivision ordinance, which allows a lot of detached little houses on a single lot), and as the market's picked up, they've been selling them off like hotcakes. The hottest cakes. Their Buzz Court in Silver Lake sold out in roughly a minute last year and their new Peak Place, on Fletcher near the 2, has three of six units in contract since hitting the open market this past weekend. (And no duh: These are brand new, hip, fully-for-sale, single-family houses built in fairly urban, rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. It's an obviously winning formula, and other developers have quickly picked up on it.) Peak Place houses all have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, "a large, open first floor," two-car garages, skylights, and outdoor courtyards (floorplans below). They range from $625k to $640k.

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