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Old Spring/Main Brothel Becoming Tiny Boutique Hotel

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A Spanish fellow named Juan Pablo Torre is hoping to make a (very chic) 14-room dent in Downtown's hotel shortage--he plans to convert an abandoned building at the weird Spring/Main junction (next to the shuttered Parish restaurant) into the Dart Hotel. According to Downtowner Brady Westwater, "It wasn't that long ago that [the building] was a house of prostitution." Huh. Downtown News says the new hotel "would be a sleek, European-style establishment where travelers use their phones to check in." There'd also be an 86-seat restaurant with a patio. The three-story building was built in 1920, according to an old Loopnet listing (which also said that the space--three retail units and 24 hotel rooms--were completely occupied); Torre will "renovate the building without making major alterations."
· Boutique Hotel Planned for Former Spring Street Brothel [DN]