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Tesla Founder Elon Musk Now Owns Two Mansions Across the Street From Each Other in Bel Air

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SpaceX/PayPal/Tesla founder and LA's third richest man Elon Musk is obviously the real world's version of Tony Stark (that's how you know our universe is the good one--no goatee), but for some reason he refuses to live in a modern spaceship house on the Malibu cliffs, going in instead for old fashioned twentieth century architecture in staid old Bel Air. On January 1 this year he bought a huge palace on Chalon Road for $17 million, and now he's just picked up the house across the street--a ranch long owned by Gene Wilder, reports Trulia (via Valleywag). The three-bedroom sits right above the Bel Air Country Club's thirteenth green and fourteenth fairway, so Musk can wing oyster shells at Ari Emanuel as he plays golf below (in our dreams), and comes with a pool and guesthouse. We'd guess Musk is gonna rip it all out and enjoy the new view from his old house. (The best part of the listing, by the way, is its insistence that this is a "new trendy" neighborhood, accompanied by a laundry list of all the megamansion development going on nearby. How alluring.) The house was listed for $7.995 million; Musk paid $6.75 million.

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