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Councilman Wants to Bring Public Water Fountains Back to LA

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In the olden days, cowboy actors used to roam Los Angeles for days trying to rustle up work as extras, stopping only to water their horses at the city's plentiful drinking fountains ("There it is. Take it!" suggested the cartoon William Mulholland on the accompanying signs.). Eventually the lines for the fountains got longer and longer and the water started coming out rusty, and finally Big Bottled Water moved in to deliver the final deathblow. Now water fountains (bubblers to Midwesterners) are "slowly disappearing in public parks, schools, and universities," according to a City Council motion (pdf) made last month by Councilmember Tom LaBonge. He's hoping to return LA to its glory days of plentiful fountains, starting with a study "on a comprehensive plan to upgrade, restore and bring back public water fountains in public spaces in the City of Los Angeles." (The motion notes that more water fountains means clean water for residents and tourists, an alternative to sugary drinks, and fewer plastic bottles.) LaBonge suggests partnering with a group like WeTap, which has been looking at the water fountain issue in LA and which already partnered with LADWP on a fountain-locating app. Meanwhile, overachieving West Hollywood's already gone ahead and approved a six-month pilot program for water bottle filling stations at West Hollywood Park. So if you see cowboy actors in WeHo, they're probably just after some water.
· Council File: 13-1234 [LA City Clerk]
· West Hollywood Park Soon to Offer Water Bottle Filing Stations [WeHo Patch]