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Here Are the 5 Potential Spots For a New Chivas USA Stadium

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Last year we heard grumblings from LA's other MLS team, Chivas USA, that they were in the market for a new stadium once their lease at Carson's StubHub Center expires next year. While talks about moving to Exposition Park have been going on for quite some time, there are a bunch of other options on the table, too. MLSSoccer breaks down the possibilities:

Exposition Park: This option has been contingent on USC taking over operation of the Coliseum and Sports Arena, which finally happened last month, so that's a plus. A minus? It's also contingent on the demolition of the Sports Arena and the construction of a new 22,000-seat stadium on the site. Not only is that no quick task, but it's also not a priority for USC. Major League Soccer supports it, though, and Commissioner Don Garber says they're "pretty good" at stadium development.

Monterey Park: Talks have also been underway with East LA College to use their 20,000-plus capacity Weingart Stadium. The team likes the location and thinks the $50-million bill to renovate is a bargain, though they don't relish the bureaucratic nightmare of dealing with a state-owned property.

Fullerton: Cal State Fullerton's Titan Stadium has an awesome name, but also comes with the same bureaucratic strings attached as Weingart. The 10,000-seat stadium was built in the 1990s but could be expanded and upgraded, though it seems that Chivas is only really looking at this as an interim solution. The Orange County location is far from the team's fan base.

Santa Ana: Even deeper behind the Orange Curtain is the Santa Ana Stadium, currently used for semi-pro soccer games and high school football. That should clue you in that the stadium would need a major overhaul to suit an MLS team. If Chivas is going to build a new stadium, do they want to do it in Santa Ana?

Pomona: There's not a lot of info on the Pomona option, which would add a new stadium to the LA County Fairgrounds. The Fairplex already has a racetrack and drag strip, but there's room for a stadium, too. MLSSoccer is pretty down on this idea, calling Pomona a "barrier" between the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley, but couldn't you just as easily call it a gateway?
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