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Architect Alfred Day's Own Mid-Century Time Capsule in Altadena Might Be a Bargain

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In 1948, roughly about the time he was collaborating with partners Gregory Ain and Joseph Johnson on the Park Planned, Avenel, and Mar Vista housing tracts, architect Alfred W. Day designed this modest modern in Altadena for his own personal residence. Located a half-mile north of the highly regarded Loma Alta Park, the well-preserved house features three bedrooms, one bath, sliding glass walls, built-in storage, a double-vanity, and a free-standing fireplace. Sited on a .28-acre lot with landscaping by the renowned Garrett Eckbo, it's listed at $599,000. Is it just us, or does that sound like a bargain?

· 3588 Canyon Crest Road [Estately]