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1901 Arts & Crafts Flip in Adams-Normandie Asking $699k

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When hipster flip firm ArtCraft Homes bought this 1901 house in Adams-Normandie back in April, it appears to have had some very nice bones and some very bad updates, all of which has been smoothed out now into one pretty handsome house. (Kinda nice to see a flip that isn't a featureless bungalow!) It has a master "with its own sitting room, covered porch, dressing room and spa-style bath," plus two more bedrooms, one and a half more bathrooms, oak paneling, "all-new systems," a deck and a backyard. ACH bought it for $385,000, according to Redfin, and are now asking $699,000.

· 2700 South LA SALLE Ave [Redfin]