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Wolfgang Puck Buys Anthony Pritzker's House in Beverly Crest

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About two years back, Hyatt Hotels heir Anthony Pritzker moved his family into a totally absurd megacompound on Angelo Drive in Beverly Crest--a 49,300-square-foot main house with a two-level basement, plus a detached rec room, guesthouse, pool, etc. etc. Shortly after, they listed their tiiiiny (12,289 square feet) house nearby for a not-at-all reasonable $21.99 million. Chops and chops and chops later, celeb chef Wolfgang Puck has just picked it up for $14 million, according to the Real Estalker. The 1938 house is named Villa Les Violettes because rich people don't feel weird naming their houses for some reason, and it comes with eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a two-story library, a long limestone galleria, a pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen, and tennis court, on 1.25 acres. The Pritzkers (or their stagers) also had a super sad basement screening room set up--major LOLs at their Lord of the Rings poster. They bought the property in August 2001 for $9.5 million.

· 707 North FARING Rd [Redfin]