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A Better LA River Plan? The Grove Trolley Seeks New Route

[Curbed went inside the roving Art Train that hit Barstow and Union Station. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

Week in Review: This week saw the big Grand Avenue project in Downtown LA teeter on the brink of "never-built-LA" status, but thankfully the Grand Avenue Authority voted to extend their agreement with Related Cos. to hopefully build something soon. Proponents of improvements to the long suffering Los Angeles River aren't happy with the limited plan released by the Army Corps of Engineers, so now they are rallying around a more comprehensive (and expensive) plan. A new report from the Public Policy Institute of California says 27 percent of Los Angeles County residents live in poverty. Good job everyone! A beautiful post and beam home in Silver Lake asking a low, low price of $808,888 and featuring 1960's-era stylings is destined to see a bidding war. Fuckyeahfeasibilitystudy! Rick Caruso and LACMA have partnered to study what all is involved in extending The Grove's trolley down Fairfax to connect with LACMA and the Purple Line subway station currently under development. While they're at it, let's put a trolley on every street so we can avoid the pot holes that have helped LA to earn the distinction of having the most deteriorated streets in the country. The famed Wallace Neff designed home in Beverly Hills, scene of Howard Hughes horrific plane crash, is being threatened with demolition by its new owner.