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12 Condos Replacing a Christmas Tree Lot in Park Mile

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The Wilshire dead zone between Highland and Western Avenues is getting a pin prick in the arm as work starts on a three-story, 12-unit condo development at the site of a Christmas tree lot at Wilshire and Rimpau. Developer Archeon Group, behind Ktown's Solair tower, is keeping tight-lipped, but Larchmont Buzz reports that the project will include a small green space, though it likely won't be open to the public. There will also be nine trees planted on Wilshire and three on Rimpau, while 30 parking spots will be tucked underground. The architecture was described in a planning report as a mix of Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean Revival, and contemporary. Hey, at least it's not as bad as the peach terror across the street.
· Construction Begins on Wilshire "Delancey" Lot [Larchmont Buzz]