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1940s Elevators at Park La Brea Are Constantly Breaking Down

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The mid-century Park La Brea complex has 18 towers, each with 13 stories and two elevators to service them. And those elevators are breaking down like crazy, apparently. Tenants, many of whom are old and/or disabled, have formed a group dedicated solely to dealing with faulty elevators, and more than 100 people showed up at a meeting to air complaints this week, reports the Park La Brea News. The elevator cars are original, from the 1940s, but management says the elevators in seven towers have already been "upgraded with new equipment," and that they'll upgrade one tower a year from now on. Meanwhile, some elevators "have been out of service for over a month" and the LAFD has responded to 41 calls this year about people stuck in elevators at PLB. A battalion chief calls it "a large volume of elevators calls" and notes that the fire department's resources might be better spent elsewhere.
· Elevator problems raise concerns at PLB?towers [PLBN]