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Watch the Many Film Roles of Downtown's Biltmore Hotel

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Downtown's Millennium Biltmore Hotel turned 90 this week and, as we mentioned in our photo tour through its history, it has a monumental place in film history: it's where members of the Academy of Motion Pictures first dreamed up the Oscars (it's also hosted nine of the ceremonies), and it's been a filming location for hundreds of movies and TV shows. The hotel is the site of the prom in Pretty Pink. A boxing ring was set up in the ballroom for Rocky III. Eddie Murphy bluffs his way into a room in Beverly Hills Cop. The Ghostbusters caught Slimer in the Music Room in the music room. The AV Club, which visited the hotel recently for its Pop Pilgrims series, thinks that its amazing-but-fussy architecture makes it both relatively timeless and the perfect place for "a slobs-versus-snobs invasion" (So many of the movies filmed there, from Chinatown to Fight Club, are about scrappy underdogs taking on some kind of elite.) Below, see their video tribute to one of the most beautiful, versatile, prolific filming locations in town:

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Millennium Biltmore Hotel

506 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90071