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15-House Project With a Stupid Name Headed For Eagle Rock

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Here are some signs your development's name is dumb: 1) It needs a pronunciation guide, 2) It is the same as a recently-revealed, massive domestic spying program, 3) It is the same as the new Katy Perry album. Yeah, we predict a name change on the way for PR15M (pronounced "prism" its press release says!), the latest cluster of little houses headed to Eagle Rock under the city's small lot subdivision ordinance (lots of detached units on one big lot). But that aside ? the project comes from Planet Home Living, which is giving prolific small lot developer Heyday a run for their money in Echo Park and now Eagle Rock, and Kraemer Land Company, reports Eastsider LA. Work is set to start in January on 15 houses on the site near Eagle Rock and York Boulevards; they'll go for somewhere in the mid-$500ks. That time is a pun on the number of houses in the project (wow, it keeps getting worse) and also reflects the "modern architectural use of windows to bring valuable natural light to all three floors of each home."
· New Eagle Rock home development comes with a pronunciation guide [Eastsider LA]