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This Year's Big Frontyard Pirate Ship Is In Atwater Village

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We were starting to think Southern Californians just weren't building pirate ships in their yards anymore, and what kind of a Southern California is that to live in? We've spotted them in the past in Burbank, Arcadia, Northridge, El Segundo, and Westlake Village, but they seem to have gone out of fashion for a year or two. But now yay! (ahoy! whatever!) Eastsider LA brings word of a galleon in Atwater Village. Builder Tony Neskovski (who says "My son likes pirates.") is actually a professional--he worked on the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction at Disney World--and he put this 25-foot-wide, two-storyish-tall ship together in just a couple days. It's staffed with a "skeleton crew" (all props to Eastsider on that one).
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