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UCLA Architecture School Joins the Hyperloop Prototype Team

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They're really making a go of this Hyperloop thing! Over the summer, Tesla founder Elon Musk first laid out a napkin sketch for a black magick(?)-powered "fifth form" of transportation that could travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles in about 35 minutes, but insisted he was just the ideas man and didn't intend to see it out. An El Segundo-based startup quickly decided they wanted in on that and have now put together their dreamteam of designers, engineers, fabricators, and so on to create a prototype of the system "by next year," according to Forbes. (The prototype could be at a one-tenth scale, which sounds like it could have potentially adorable applications.) The venture is now called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. (Boring!) and will include the 2014-2015 students of UCLA's Architecture and Urban Design master of architecture II program, aka Suprastudio, led by architect/professor Craig Hodgetts (Less boring!). Suprastudio will look at "where stations in major cities could be based, what the urban planning around those areas might look like, what design solutions could enhance the experience for travelers (as it relates to station design, vessel design and local transportation options to and from Hyperloop stations) and how such a project could be brought to life," according to Archinect.
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