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Who's Pranking Everyone Who Buys Ozzie and Harriet's House?

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What the hell is going on at Ozzie and Harriet's old house in the Hills (which also served as a set for both The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Entourage)? Rumors of hauntings there are weirdly persistent, but ghosts aren't real, so ... amazingly long-running prank? There have been stories for years that Ozzie Nelson haunts his old house, turning the lights off or the faucets on, but now the LA Times hears from real estate agent Billy Rose--who's sold the house three times now--that every single seller claims it's haunted (the last sale was in June, when it went for $3.025 million). Maybe they all got the idea when they were buying the house and Rose disclosed the alleged haunting, which he says he always does?

Anyway, covers fly off sleeping guests at the house, locked doors are suddenly opened, and "Ozzie Nelson's model train, which runs on a track near the ceiling in the pub room and has been passed down from owner to owner, sometimes starts running in the middle of the night." A model train, running? Terrifying! And also the house drives children insane, apparently: "A child saw children playing in the yard and asked to join them. There was no one outside." According to who? The babysitter? She was probably in the bathroom reading Twitter on her phone and didn't see a thing one way or the other.

Anyway, one set of buyers figured they were throwing around a few mil for a house in the Hills, so they might as well spend a little extra on a paranormal investigator "to check that their purchase would be agreeable to the resident ghosts." Guess what: it was!
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