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Los Angeles Has the Worst Roads of Any Big City in the US

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Boy, the Los Angeles region is really coming out on top lately--the highest poverty rate in California, the worst roads in the US: "The roads in Greater Los Angeles are the most deteriorated in the United States, costing drivers more than $800 a year, according to a national transportation analysis released Thursday," says the LA Times. About 64 percent of LA-Santa Ana-Long Beach roads are fuuuuucked (in poor condition), according to 2011 data; that's costing drivers about $832 a year each "including repairs, tires and faster depreciation." That's the worst out of all US cities of more than half a million people (Oakland/San Francisco comes in second, San Jose comes in third). LA has 8,700 miles of roads graded C-minus overall (see a neighborhood breakdown here), with a 60-year backlog on repairs, and the city has been trying to pass a bond to pay for quicker fixing--a first effort tanked earlier this year after neighborhood councils threw a fit (LA property owners don't like having to pay for things very much, even things they use frequently and that affect their property values, apparently. Meanwhile, they're generally in a much better position to be shelling out $832 a year on car repairs than non-homeowners--letting roads stay shitty is sort of de facto regressive taxation, but without anything to show for it.). A couple of councilmembers are hoping to get a new bond measure on the fall 2014 ballot, which will require a two-thirds majority to pass (siiiiiiigh), and meanwhile the costs keeps shooting up--they've doubled since 2005.
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