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Neighbors Move to Halt Development in Historic Filipinotown

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Just as the gentrification train looked all set to pull into Historic Filipinotown, along comes local City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell to barricade the tracks. Responding to concern from neighbors who fear a trio of new residential and mixed-use developments will threaten the area's pedestrian, historic character, O'Farrell has drafted an ordinance that would temporarily block any new demolition or building permits while long-range planning tools are developed, he explains in a blog post. It's not a total shocker that residents are taking steps to block these developments, as many were extremely unhappy with just about every aspect of plans for the two most recent buildings presented at a neighborhood council meeting last month. But it is a little unusual that someone actually listened.

O'Farrell's motion will need to be considered by the Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee; meanwhile the Planning Department is at work on design guidelines "intended to promote the distinctive character, stability and visual quality of the neighborhood," says Patch.
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