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City Spending $1MM to Clean Up Trash in Westlake, Pico-Union

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Los Angeles has finally decided to turn a little attention (money) to Westlake and Pico-Union, or to their trash, anyway--City Councilmember Gil Cedillo's office has put up $1 million for a concerted cleanup that'll also cover, to a lesser extent, Lincoln Heights, Mt. Washington, and other parts of Cedillo's District 1 (which runs from Pico-Union northeast to Highland Park). The LA Conservation Corps are "using trucks, rakes and trash bags to deep-clean the alleys that abut businesses and high-rise apartments" in Westlake and Pico-Union and solar-powered trash compactors have been placed around MacArthur Park, reports the LA Times. So far more than 250 tons of trash have been removed, which makes you wonder how it all got so bad in the first place (the Times seems to believe that residents of these neighborhoods are just filthmongers who somehow produce mountains more trash than people in other neighborhoods). One neighbor offers a clue: "I've seen junk stay out there a week ? sometimes a month."
· L.A. fights plague of garbage in central city neighborhoods [LAT]