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Insanely Popular Abbot Kinney Finally Getting Metered Parking

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Abbot Kinney is trendifying beyond all reason and almost always packed to the gills, but its parking is still so cheap that it costs nothing at all (there are a string of unpaved lots running along its east side that have no attendants or meters). (Here's a little background on why free parking is crazy in a city.) Nearly five years ago, Curbed reported that the area was about to get metered up, but some free-parking crank must have rolled a bunch of twenties in a row in the magical roleplaying game that governs LA's parking (basement of City Hall, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays), because the city's just now prepping to actually finish the job: "Beginning next March, the city is launching a project to finish paving the lot, adding landscaping and a perimeter wall -- and 66 parking meters," reports LA Weekly. Work will run from Electric Avenue to Santa Clara, and is supposed to finish up by September 30 of next year. 'Bout time Abbot Kinney's hyper-gentrification started making money for someone besides Gjelina.
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