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Is Jennifer Aniston Building a Private Plane Runway in Bel Air?

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From the often entertaining, rarely accurate British gossip press comes "news" that Jennifer Aniston is planning to spend "$1 million to have a 3,200ft. runway installed at the mansion she and Justin [Theroux] have been renovating in Bel Air ? 'Jen says it will be worth every penny to cut hours off the flight times,' an insider told British magazine Heat." Sure, of course it will be. And the A. Quincy Jones house that Aniston bought in early 2012 sits on more than three acres (it has its own vineyard), but it's still in the middle of Bel Air, the neighborhood known for its insular snootiness and its wealthy old Nancy Reagan types (including Nancy Reagan). Is there any possible way on earth they'd allow a jet to land on the regular--a mile above Sunset and practically in the Hotel Bel-Air's backyard? (If there is the tiniest bit of truth to any of this and/or you're privy to any neighbor bitching about it, please please please let us anonymously know.) We did a double check on Aniston's reno permits and found nothing that looks at all runway-y, but the report says she's submitted plans to the FAA and is hoping "that work will begin in a matter of weeks."
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