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Hacienda Heights Estate Linked to Morton Salts Family

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The Morton family, famous for salt and umbrella holding girls in never ending rain showers, apparently had a little outpost in Southern California. The listing for this seven bed, five bath Spanish hacienda on a hilltop above Hacienda Heights, naturally, notes that the home was built for John Morton of the famed family. We couldn't actually find a John Morton listed as part of the family at that time, but perhaps they meant Joy Morton, the founder of the salt company. Who knows? The home was designed by architects Hudson & Munsell, also known for designing the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park, and contains 22 rooms in total, a spa, pool and aviary. Sadly the empty hillside pictured above has been developed over time, so you'll have to see your neighbors instead of avocado trees. For this salty treasure, the current owners are asking $1,425,000.
· 2162 Avocado Terrace, Hacienda Heights, CA [Trulia]