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6 of LA's Most Famous Streets, 100 Years Ago and Today

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[PCH at the current site of the Chart House; more on that rock formation here]

Last week, one of KCET's fantastic historians (Nathan Masters) rounded up photos of some of Los Angeles's most famous streets (PCH, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, Wilshire, Third Street in Santa Monica, Colorado in Pasadena, etc.) from the early twentieth century: "Horses once casually left droppings where shoppers stroll today along Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. A dusty wagon road alongside the Ostrich Farm Railroad eventually became Sunset Boulevard. A century ago, Los Angeles was a much emptier place, and what today are major thoroughfares were then dusty cow paths through open countryside or pockmarked roads rutted by wagon wheels." Which got us thinking: hey, they don't look anything like that anymore. So we took to Google Street View to see just what how much they've changed. Enjoy these seven historic/contemporary looks at six of LA's great streets:

[Sunset at Normandie]

[Sunset at Gower]

[Hollywood at Sunset]

[Third at Broadway, Santa Monica]

[Colorado at Marengo, Pasadena]

[Wilshire (then Nevada) at Ocean, Santa Monica]

· Photos: When L.A.'s Most Famous Streets Were Dirt Roads [KCET]