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Here Are West Hollywood's New La Brea Avenue Upgrades

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West Hollywood officials were set to cut the ribbon this morning on a new and slightly improved La Brea Avenue, between Romaine and Fountain. The city and Metro spent about $1.5 million to widen sidewalks this summer and fall, adding 40 new street trees, three skinny little medians with drought-resistant plants, and 20 pedestrian-level blue streetlights. We're only talking about three blocks here, but they're pretty prominent ones, serving as a gateway into WeHo and hosting multiple under-construction developments (like The Huxley and The Dylan, and the La Brea/Lexington ribbon-y project). The project didn't include new bike lanes, which is a shame, because this La Brea stretch remains pretty freeway-like and could definitely use a road diet of some variety.

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