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Inside the LA County Coroner's Secure Zombification Operation

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Sunny Los Angeles is obsessed with death. Dozens--even hundreds--of people die here every day! Some of our most beautiful swaths of land are dedicated to enshrining the dead. The LA County Coroner's office, the largest coroner's office in the world, has its own gift shop, and has become famous as the second-to-last stop in this world for notorious dead people from Biggie to Michael Jackson. So obviously it's going to be ground zero for the zombie uprising. NBC4 got a rare look inside the coroner's secure basement in Boyle Heights and found a forensic chemist whose quest to identify John and Jane Does involves, more or less, reanimating tissue, which allows him to pull fingerprints off of dead hands. The technique was designed in that very basement and has been used for a couple decades now. Watch:

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