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Hollywood's Long-Awaited Blvd6200 Mixed-User Almost Ready

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Work started in June 2012 on the $200-million Blvd6200 mixed-user and here it is now all topped out and with windows going in. The Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh-designed project will drop about 535 apartments and a shitload of retail on the northside of Hollywood Boulevard--you can already see the public plaza will have an immediate effect on this still somewhat grungy area near Hollywood and Vine. The LA Times recently rained hellfire on several proposed and under-construction Hollywood projects, accusing their developers of not thoroughly investigating earthquake faults in the area (with tacit approval from the city, basically). We mention this because there's supposed to be a second phase of Blvd6200--across Hollywood Boulevard on that enormous parking lot that seems to radiate heat and trouble.

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