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LACMA and Grove Owner Collaborating on Fairfax Trolley Plans

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As "more cowbell" was to Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live, so "more trolley" is to mall developer Rick Caruso. Back in June, he floated an idea to extend the streetcar that runs through his Grove shopping center out into the real world, in a two-mile loop running to LACMA and the Beverly Center. Turns out he was actually very serious. Today comes word that Caruso and LACMA are joining together to launch a feasibility study to "evaluate the opportunities and challenges of extending The Grove's existing trolley to Fairfax and Wilshire including traffic, environment, design, engineering, and cost analysis. The study will also evaluate multiple connection routes, and it is expected to take six-to-eight weeks." The Beverly Center was left off the press release, so the initial idea of a big loop may have been scrapped, but a line down Fairfax could eventually meet up with the Purple Line Extension. In addition to chummy quotes from Caruso and LACMA head Michael Govan, the release also touts support from local City Councilmembers Tom LaBonge and Paul Koretz. When Caruso eventually runs for mayor, may we suggest "a chicken in every pot, a trolley on every block" as a campaign slogan?
· Caruso Wants to Extend Grove Trolley to Bev Center and LACMA [Curbed LA]

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