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Top 5 Trick-Or-Treating 'Hoods Terrible For Trick-Or-Treating

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Man, we go through this every year: Zillow releases its Trick-or-Treat Index, using home values, population density, Walk Score, and crime data to find the best Los Angeles neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, and they're always totally nutso. Is hiking through Pac Pal with exhausted kids in Miley Cyrus bear costumes really worth it for the full-size Snickers bar? Well, here's the whole list, decide for yourself:

5. Cheviot Hills
4. Studio City
3. Bel Air
2. Brentwood
1. Pacific Palisades

A little while back, we asked you dear Curbed readers to nominate and vote on the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, all over the city, and that list has some sounder suggestions. Meanwhile, LA Home and Style has some excellent tips for trick-or-treating by neighborhood--go as Zombie Michael Jackson in Angelino Heights and hit Carroll Avenue, or as Baby Jane Hudson in Hancock Park.
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