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Vincent Kartheiser's Hollywood Bungalow Has a Toilet Now

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A few years ago, Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser was living in "an empty wooden box, a small one-room bungalow on a nondescript Hollywood street" with no toilet. (He was going to the neighbors.) But he claimed he had big plans for the little (580-square-foot) house: something with "a Japanese industrial feel" and, perhaps, a giant boulder sink? Now the work is done and he's showing it off to Dwell. Local studio Funn Roberts designed the space--it has "a bed that drops from the ceiling, and—the best part—a headboard made of 'a huge slab of redwood [fastened] to the wall ... on hinges so that, when the bed is raised, the piece of wood can flip down to double as a desk'," according to our pals at Curbed National. The bed works on a pulley-system with a 300-pound counterweight hidden in the closet; the outside coffee table doubles as a firepit; and there's even a dry sauna.