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Few More Views Of Proposed Conversion Of WeHo's ICM Building

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Maybe these new *few-months-old renderings from developer Townscape Partners will help mollify the angry hordes mobilizing against the residential conversion of the ICM building at 8899 Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood (eh, probably not). Townscape wants to extend the building's footprint by 25 feet at the back and sides, convert the top floors of the 1962 building into *56 condos, leave the bottom two floors for offices and retail, build subterranean parking on the surface lot behind the ICM, and place *13 townhouses, a pool, and clubhouse on top of that. The developer also wants to build an adjacent *four-unit building for moderate-income tenants and will also set aside some of the ICM units for the non-wealthy. Neighbors are unsurprisingly apoplectic, but the city has yet to weigh in.

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