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LA's 10 Cheatingest 'Hoods Are All Well-Off and Suburban

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You know how it is--you've got a beautiful house and a beautiful spouse and one day you're struck by overwhelming ennui. You've probably already written a screenplay and gone skydiving, so there's only one thing that can make you feel alive again: an affair. These are the 10 Los Angeles zip codes with the most users on cheater-hookup site and these cheaters are living up to all the stereotypes. Wealthy and suburban Santa Monica tops the list, followed by wealthy and suburban Brentwood and Beverly Hills and on and on (they get slightly less predictable--Glendale? Van Nuys?--further down the list). Or maybe Hollywooders and Downtowners just find their affairs the old fashioned way, in bars or on Craigslist. Meanwhile, Los Angeles used to be the number one city for single women in search of married men, but we've now busted that old stereotype by falling to number five (Phoenix tops the list, followed by politician-rich DC). Only a quarter of the LA women on AshleyMadison are single these days.

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