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Take a Look at Vibiana's Proposed Mixed-Use Neighbor

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When developer Tom Gilmore sold the parking lot next to the 137-year-old Vibiana, a former church and current events space, he wanted to ensure nothing tacky and/or out-of-place went up. It looks like his finickiness paid off--renderings from new developer Weintraub Real Estate Group, via Building Los Angeles, show a sleek mixed-use apartment tower that doesn't loom over the landmark (the site was entitled for a skyscraper) and that seems like it'll be a nice addition to Main Street. Nadel Architects (1111 Wilshire) are behind the proposed nine-story building, with 238 units, 3,600 square feet of retail, 303 underground parking spots (no parking podium, thank God), and an outdoor plaza linking the building with the Vibiana and its groundfloor restaurant. The project was just presented to the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council's Planning and Land Use Committee, so we've got a ways to go before we see this thing come to life.

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