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The Toilet Eatery Everyone is Retching Over, Best Coffee in LA, Bike District Cafe Switcharoo

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CITY OF INDUSTRY: We were all clamoring for a toilet-themed restaurant and it's finally here! The Magic Restroom Cafe is now open in COI, with toilets--some that flush--for seats, and disgusting-looking food that resembles human waste. Only in (greater) LA, kids.

LOS ANGELES: We will segue right into Eater's collection of the best coffee bars in LA. Our city has made amazing strides in the Joe arena, rivaling our Northwestern sisters. Yes, Intelligentsia is on there, but have you tried Profeta in Westwood, or DTLA's Tierra Mia?

MELROSE BIKE DISTRICT: The delights of the tiny Melrose bike district in East Hollywood long included an outpost of Cafecito Organico. The owners decided to sell this location to their employees, who renamed it The Helio Cafe. They're now serving Vietnamese coffee, along with the regular espresso and coffee drinks.
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