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Silver Lake's Most '90s House Ever Flipped With Zero Updates

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Silver Lake's most early-nineties house ever--"originally designed by Kiyohara, Morrit & Shaver in 1991 & re-imagined by designer James Halliday in 1993"--just sold a month ago and now here it is, back on the market with a big priceupping and, as far as we can tell, zero changes or updates. Still chrome for days, still a urinal in the master bathroom, kitchen still looks like a great place to clean up after a murder. The photos are a lot better and the staging is new, but that's about it. The house hit the market back in 2007 asking $1.399 million before finally selling in August 2013 for either $950,000 or $980,000 (public records show the former, according to Redfin; the MLS shows the latter). Now it's asking a chutzpah-y $1.345 million.

· 3209 WINDSOR Ave [Redfin]
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