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SaMo Wants to Cap 10 Freeway Near Memorial Park Expo Stop

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Santa Monica city planners are working to upgrade the area around the future Seventeenth Street/Memorial Park station (pictured), which is home to hospitals, Santa Monica College, and not much more of note. At a recent community meeting, city officials talked about potential changes that could be made with the help of the Land Use and Circulation Element, a comprehensive planning guide that the city is working to update. Much of the meeting's concern centered on Memorial Park, which isn't being used much by locals. Planners want to double the size of the park, possibly on top of a cap on the 10 Freeway. (Santa Monica also wants a 10 Freeway cap park further west, by City Hall.) SaMo is especially concerned with the look of Colorado Avenue, since the Expo Line will travel along the street--they want to show tourists and visitors the city's "best side." For now, Colorado through mid-city is getting new trees and curbs, but it will take more to make the avenue inviting; it's mostly a barren, industrial/commercial zone now (which is why no one really cared that the train would travel at street level here).
· Public Gets Look at Memorial Park Plan [SMDP]

Memorial Park

1301 Foothill Blvd., La Canada Flintridge, CA