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Buy Kristen Stewart's Alice in Wonderland Themed Childhood Home, You Creepy Weirdo

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Seriously, if you're into this Woodland Hills listing for the Kristen Stewart connection, you're either a creep or maybe a #teen (in which case, go do your homework). Or you're us. The sullen young actress grew up in this house, which appears to be owned by her father now (the listing originally claimed celebrity ownership, but that's been removed). It comes with a bunch of Alice in Wonderland paintings, five bedrooms, five and three-quarter bathrooms, three fireplaces, two wetbars, a game area, a sauna, a library, a pool, spa, barbecue, firepit, and oversized chess board. Asking price is $1.75 million. Stewart has moved on to a house in Los Feliz; her mother owns a house in Malibu.

· 20715 De Forest Street, Woodland Hills, CA [Estately]
· Kristen Stewart Buys House Near Robert Pattinson's in Los Feliz [Curbed LA]