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Shari Belafonte's Cheesy Clifftop Castle Asking $1.26 Million

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The listing for this house deep in the Valley (West Hills) says it's known as "the Castle," but WHY?? All we see is a pretty standard 1956 traditional house with a bunch of turrets and battlements tacked on. Hideous! (The interior is mostly just regular, unremarkable ugly; some of it is even "fine" or "nice.") The Castle, which sits on more than an acre in Box Canyon, belongs to actress/Slim-Fast spokesperson Shari Belafonte, according to, and comes with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a pool. "This castle is perfect for entertaining [the Lord of White Castle]," adds the listing. Asking price is $1.26 million and seriously this piece of land is the perfect spot for a truly badass Dr. Claw-style castle, so get on that, flippers.

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