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UberX and Lyft Are Banned at LAX, But That's Not Stopping Them

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Labor laws aren't the only rules app-based ridesharing companies (UberX, Lyft, Sidecar) like to skirt--they're also breakin' the law when they pick people up at LAX, since they don't actually have the proper permits to do so. The companies, which hook riders up with drivers who use their own cars (and insurance!), have just recently gotten permission to operate in California, as long as they submit to some very basic regulations (background checks on drivers, for instance). But the new regulations "left intact regulations that allow airports to decide who may pick up on their property," according to the Daily Breeze. LAX still doesn't allow rideshare pickups, but that of course has not stopped these guys--all they do is arrange to pick up riders "in unusual places, such as in front of the Iberia Airlines sign at the airport's main international terminal or between Terminals 1 and 2." Sometimes they make the rider load his own luggage and sit in the front seat, so "it really looks like they were picking up a family member," as one rider tell it.

Cabbies--who hate the ridesharing services for obvious competition reasons--say that LAX is letting them get away with it, but LAX claims they're enforcing the rules. Licensed cabs are only allowed to wait for airport passengers once every five days, and are required to charge a $4 fee to passengers getting picked up at the airport; the money goes to the airport and its taxi program. The mayor's office says it's reviewing rideshare policies.
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