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Early Movie Star's Paul Williams House in Brentwood Comes With Secret Library Stairway

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Now spiffying up the market is this swelegant traditional in Brentwood designed by Paul Williams for actress ZaSu Pitts in 1936. Per its entry on the Paul R. Williams Project website, the "two-story Georgian-style residence had fourteen rooms including seven bedrooms, eight-and-a-half bathrooms, pool, guesthouse, and an extensively landscaped yard overlooking Mandeville Canyon. (Los Angeles Times. May 24, 1936) Taking advantage of the site Williams included floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Pacific Ocean. For dramatic effect a pipe organ was set into the wall between these windows." Along with the built-in pipe organ, Williams also designed a hidden stairway leading from the wood-paneled library to the master bedroom. According to Charles Stump's 2010 biography of Pitts, "Entrance to the stairway was gained by selecting a certain book from one of the bookcases, which opened the secret door." (And here we thought that only happened on Scooby Doo.) Asking price is $12.995 million.

· 241 N Rockingham Ave [Estately]