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Unflipped, Non-Hipster Bungalow in Echo Park Gets Non-Hipster Price Following a Bidding War

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This unflipped, unhipsterfied, non-teardown, nice little regular bungalow in Echo Park sold for way above asking, but we kind of can't believe it didn't go for a whole lot more. It hit the market in late August asking $399,000--a price that screamed "Hey, bidders, make war!" And it's just sold for $440,000. Remarkably, this is not terribly far from EP's recent million-dollar flip, which makes it seem like even more of a bargain. Oh man. This is a bargain these days! Anyway, the house comes with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and loads of porches, and the next time we see it, it'll probably be going for $750k.

· Unflipped, Non-Hipster Bungalow in Echo Park Asking $399k [Curbed LA]