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Romney Finally Won Something: Permission For a Giant House

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At long last Mitt Romney has permission to build an 11,000-square-foot mansion on the beach in La Jolla, with a campaign-troubling car elevator and all, reports the LA Times. San Diego had already approved the failed presidential candidate's plan to demolish a 3,000-square-foot house that he bought back in 2008 and replace it with a much larger two-story house with a ginormous 4,500-square-foot basement, but neighbors complained to the California Coastal Commission that the approval was invalid. They alleged that the maximum square footage allowed for the site was improperly calculated because the calculations included part of the publicly-owned beach in front of the house. A handful of commissioners agreed, and one took issue with the basement not being strictly underground (it's built into a hillside), but they were outvoted and the Romneys are now free to build their behemoth, which is more than four times larger than the median house in the area. Meanwhile one neighbor is sure all the fuss in the neighborhood is just some controversy ginned up by dirty hippies: "The neighbors whose letters you mentioned didn't vote for Gov. Romney and in fact represent the radical left wing," explains totally unbiased neighbor/Romney bundler David Sear.
· Coastal Commission says the Romneys can build La Jolla dream home [LAT]