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Here's a Supercut of the Cabazon Dinosaurs' Many Film Roles

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Last week we heard that Cabazon's somewhat famous Wheel Inn has closed. The 10 Freeway-side diner and its neighboring dinosaurs (Dinny and Mr. Rex) were made famous in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but Tim Burton isn't the only director to be like "No duh this is an amazing filming location"--they've also shown up in music videos (Tears for Fears, Tonio K, Oasis), '70s schlock (Revenge of the Cheerleaders), video games (Fallout: New Vegas), and atmospheric stories of alienation and longing set against the backdrop of the American Southwest (Paris, Texas). See them all here in this supercut; learn a little more about the history of the dinosaurs right here.

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