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Spec Megamansion King Goes Modern in Bel Air, Asking $45MM

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Big couple weeks for enormous, wasteful, megamansions built for no one! We heard that spec mansions are getting bigger and bigger and emptier and emptier, with most buyers leaving them to just sit unoccupied for most of the year (and also that nine-foot ceilings are for the poors), and then a biggie in Bev Hills--built more or less illegally, according to a lawsuit--hit the market asking $36 million. Now here's the latest project from LA's king of the spec megamansion, Mohamed Hadid. And it's rather out of character! Hadid is known for palatial piles like Bel Air's Le Belvedere and the giant Holmby Hills chateau or whatever where Michael Jackson died. Hadid's last project, Le Palais (OBVIOUSLY) in Beverly Hills, sold to the daughter of Uzbekistan's autocratic president for something like $32.75 million. (These are the buyers for these houses!) But his newest house, on Strada Vecchia in Bel Air, is relatively pared back and contemporary (He tagged one pic on Instagram #themodernhouseofhadid. BUT WHAT IS ITS SILLY FRENCH NAME??). It's also relatively tiny--Hadid has been building in the 50,000ish-square-foot range lately, but according to plans (pdf) on the house's website, it'll be just about 20,000 square feet (in two above-ground levels and a basement), with a six-car garage and about 5,000 square feet of deck. According to broker Joyce Rey's website, it'll be finished in January and is asking $45 million.

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