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Plans On the Way For Hollywood's 101 Freeway Cap Park

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Plans to put a park over a stretch of the 101 Freeway in Downtown took a big step forward last month, and now similar plans to cap the freeway in Hollywood are about to move forward, too. Park La Brea News checked in with cap park advocates Friends of Hollywood Central Park and finds they're hoping to announce a project description for the park in less than a month, and conduct the environmental impact report process in 2014. The EIR was due to be paid for by the now-defunct Community Redevelopment Agency, but will now be funded by a grant from the Eileen Getty Foundation and the city. And then all that's left is the small matter of lining up the $725 million to build it--FHCP has been working with state and federal officials to identify available grants. If all goes well, it could set off a miniwave of Southern California cap parks--several plans have been floated in recent years. In addition to the two over the 101, there are similar proposals for Glendale and Ventura, and two in Santa Monica. Now if only we could get that cat park going...
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Hollywood Central Park

Bronson Ave. & Carlos Ave., Los Angeles, CA