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American Dim Sum in WeHo, Beijing Street Food on Spring, Deets on Republique's Opening in Fairfax

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Chef Steve Fretz is closing in on an opening for The Church Key, going in next to Eveleigh in a long-dormant spot on Sunset. The food will be American dim sum; with items like Jidori chicken tikka masala, potato pierogies with bacon jam, falafel croquettes with truffle tahini, and pig ear "Cheetos," they've got our attention.

DOWNTOWN: Everyone in DTLA is talking about Peking Tavern, the new Chinese restaurant on South Spring. The Beijing street food menu--potstickers, dumplings, etc.--will change on a weekly basis and the restaurant's craft brew offerings are set to grow.

FAIRFAX: Eater has an interview with Walter and Margarita Manzke, the couple behind Republique, the long-awaited restaurant moving into the legendary Campanile space. It's been a too-long journey to open the restaurant, which is just about there and will serve French bistro food.
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