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Part of Jean Harlow Murder Estate Hits the Market in Bev Crest

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On September 5, 1932, MGM director/writer/producer Paul Bern was found dead from a gunshot wound in his home in Beverly Crest, supposedly covered in Mitsouko, favorite perfume of his wife of two months/early famewhore Jean Harlow. A note was found at the scene reading "Dearest Dear,/Unfortunately this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong I have done you and to wipe out my abject humiliation, I Love you./Paul/You understand that last night was only a comedy." The butler found Bern's body and, as they did in those days, called MGM instead of the police. Bern's boss, MGM producer Irving Thalberg, spent a few hours with the crime scene that day and ever since rumors have persisted that it wasn't a suicide at all. (The most common theory, laid out in a book by MGMer Samuel Marx, is that Bern was killed by an unstable ex who jumped off a boat and drowned a few days later. MGM perhaps thought a suicide would look better for Harlow.) Harlow and Bern's house was at 9820 Easton Drive, and that address has just hit the market, BUT it looks like it's only part of the estate--the listing says "Formerly the Carriage House and staff quarters." The property comes with two bedrooms, one and three-quarter bathrooms, a sun porch, parking for eight, a "detached unfinished studio space," and grounds "lovingly developed with citrus trees, avocado trees, pomegranate, tomatoes." The listing suggests someone might like to redevelop the land, which wouldn't be such a crime, probably. Asking price is $995,000.

· 9820 EASTON Dr [Redfin]