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Why Can't LA Have a Big, Comprehensive LA River Restoration?

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This might be a strange week to make the case for a $1 billion plan to revitalize the LA River, what with the US government shutdown and all, but hell, Los Angeles deserves it. When the Army Corps of Engineers finally released it's preliminary feasibility study on turning the city's beloved concrete channel back into a real river, they chose to endorse a pretty limited plan (some restoration and a few trails and bridges)--maybe not a surprise, but a big disappointment for locals, the Corps's LA branch, the City Council, the mayor, and a handful of Congressional representatives, all of whom were pulling for the pricey but incredibly awesome Alternative 20. That plan guarantees a comprehensive restoration for an 11-mile stretch of the river, and would better integrate the surrounding neighborhoods, meaning more people could access and enjoy the river. Alternative 20 also comes with more federal funding, you know, when they start funding stuff again. The public comment period is open now, so go tell the feds you want the two-oh; meanwhile, there was a rally in support of the bigger plan over the weekend, and Mayor Eric Garcetti has launched a petition in support. A final report will eventually go to Congress for approval.
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