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Median Rent For a Two-Bedroom in Studio City is $1,795

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Broker/blogger Moses Kagan continues his quest to nail down the rent situations in every hot Los Angeles neighborhood--he's already covered the scorching North Central area (Silver Lake, Echo Park, Curbed Cup winner Atwater Village, etc.) and melt-your-face Venice, and is now onto some slightly less hot neighborhoods. This month: Studio City! The rents in the family-friendly 'hood are kind of all over the map, but two-bedroom units averaged $1,795 per month, which is about on par with neighboring North Hollywood. Almost all the units surveyed came with parking and many of the more expensive ones were in buildings with pools. There were also several single-family houses. Here are the stats:

-- There were two studios on the market, confusingly asking $850 and $1,685 respectively.
-- Median rent for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom was $1,299.
-- Median rent for a two-bedroom with one to two and three-quarters bathrooms was $1,795.
-- Median for a three-bedroom with two to three bathrooms was $3,600.
-- There was a five-bedroom, three-bathroom unit for $4,600.
-- There was a six-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom unit for $8,500.
-- There was a 2,640-square-foot house for $3,500.
-- There was a 3,754-square-foot house for $8,000.
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