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Everyone Likes New LAX Runway Plans Except the Neighbors

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If the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners goes ahead with their proposal to separate LAX's two northernmost runways and move one 260 feet closer to houses in Westchester, they are going to have a fight on their hands: Last night roughly 400 residents showed up at the Proud Bird restaurant near LAX to voice their concerns about increased noise and pollution if the move goes ahead, according to The Daily Breeze. One attendee worried that "if an airplane cannot land, or has a problem, it has to land on our homes," says NBC LA. The plan is part of the ongoing multibillion dollar airport modernization program, and would update the 1960s-designed northern runways for modern aircraft, making them safer. Residents, however, cite a NASA study that says LAX is plenty safe already, according to an old LA Times story.

While the runway move may not be popular with the residents who turned up at yesterday's hearing, LA residents across the city are in favor of the plans, says a survey released earlier this week. As many as 86 percent of LA's likely voters liked the idea when presented with its benefits (no word on what if anything they were told about the negatives). The poll even found majority support for the plan among residents of Council District 11, which includes the airport. Responses from airport-neighboring Culver City and Inglewood were not included, however, since the poll was just conducted in the city of Los Angeles.
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